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As an educated consumer I have been accused of being obsessive about “doing my research”. The fact that this purchase of a walk-in tub was for my mom made me be even more diligent. That’s when I came across Independent Home online. From my initial call with Ari I felt at ease with his concern and desire to accommodate us with whatever we would need. He visited her home and I must say that this is where he belongs …in the home.

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As a nurse I am sensitive to the fact that those in the “home care” world must have empathy… He listened intently to the details of mom’s latest fall. He picked up right away on my anxiety given the fact that I live out of town and am trying to do whatever I can to make her home as safe as possible. His calm, caring demeanor allowed me to be able to hear all the information he was sharing with me. After a few minutes with his tape measure he laid out a plan for us. I never felt pressured or uncomfortable with the decisions I needed to make regarding the tub model that we chose.

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